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About Charis Alfonso

My name is Charis Alfonso, also know as Kisarasmoon on TikTok, Instagram, Facebook and Deviantart. I'm a digital and traditional artist and my style is mainly Japanese anime/manga style artwork. I specialize in character design and comics. I'm the author of "The Tale of Jakob and the Kitsune" and the "Kisara's Moon" manga series.

As an artist who is completely self-taught, I'm happy to have learned from watching anime like Sailor Moon, Inuyasha, Cardcaptor Sakura and Yu Yu Hakusho growing up. The very first thing I have ever drawn was Sonic the Hedgehog in the third grade. I still love drawing Sonic every now and then. I would do many fanarts of my favorite anime and video game characters and that's how I taught myself how to draw. It took me awhile to find my own style but I am very happy with current art-style. I started out as a traditional artist and in 2017, I bought my very first display tablet. Digital art was a lot harder for me since I wasn't used to it but eventually I figured it out. Although I got a lot of inspiration from anime, reading manga is what made me want to write and illustrate my own manga series. I had a lot of concept art for my characters and many drafts but eventually, after many years, I finally wrote a story I was happy with. It's hard work. Especially, since I do everything myself but I love having the freedom to write and draw my stories how I want to.  

My parents passed away in 2004. After years of writing and rewriting my manga; in 2017 I came up with the story I wanted to tell. I wanted a way to honor their memory. So, I created Aurora and Yukito who are Kisara's parents in my manga. My mom and dad are apart of my manga as the parents to Kisara. Some of the characters in my manga series are inspired by my friends and family. I always wanted to be a magical girl growing up. I created the character Kisara to fulfill that dream of mine. I published three volumes of my manga in 2023 and I'm incredibly proud!


The Tale of Jakob and the Kitsune is a story I wrote in 2019 and I decided to publish it in 2022. It's a story of a young elvish boy named Jakob. He is a tailor who makes clothes for the people of the forest and also the royal family of Raven Castle. One day, he finds a mysterious girl near his home in Sumiko Forest. Soon after meeting her, darkness begins to loom over the forest. It's a dark fantasy and romance novel. 


I'm very proud of the work I put into my book and manga. I hope you like what you see!


Thanks for visiting! Check out my novel and manga series below! 

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